Finding Your Personal Style

Where do you find your personal style? Online via fashion sites? Do you look to your favorite celebrities for ideas? Do you pick up ideas from street fashion, or perhaps at school or at work? I think we are all influencing each other through the multifaceted ways in which we e-communicate and how we pick up information on a daily basis.


I go through periods of not following what the current fashion trends are. I prefer to wear comfortable clothes as opposed to haute couture, but I love a haute couture dress for the right occasion! I am definitely a casual dresser, but that doesn’t mean “dumpy” pajama-style clothes. Au contraire. I enjoy looking “put-together”, and I love to see women who really know how to style a complete look for themselves; their hair and accessories; their clothes and their shoes. They inspire me to dig into my wardrobe and create a new outfit for myself. If you’ve never been to Paris, I urge you to schedule a trip just to see the influential way the Parisian women dress. You will get a fashion education just by walking the streets of the City of Light and checking out the wondrous style of la femme française.

If I happen to come across a fabulous article of clothing in a fashion magazine or online, it will inspire me to try a new look, or modify my current one. I have definitely bought a pair of shoes (or two) from stopping someone on the street and asking them where they got such a lovely design. I’m also influenced by the super talented clothing stylists that I work with as a model and actress. Not to mention the magnificent creativity of the fashion designers and their teams. But honestly, wherever you work and live, you can find fashion creativity from your environment. Even if you live in the mountains! Snow is very inspiring for example; it makes me want to curl up in front of a fire with someone…hmmm maybe snow is an example of finding what makes you want to get naked- ha! Which is a style unto itself 🙂

Claudia MasonComment