Accentuate the Positives of Your Body When Choosing What Clothes to Wear

Ahh clothing….I personally don’t enjoy the task of putting together an outfit for day or night. Can’t we all have personal stylists at the snap of our finger please?!


Well no we can’t. So the solution is to become your own stylist. Every female no matter what age is capable of fulfilling this role. How you dress yourself to accentuate the positives of your physical form is key. How to achieve this? It’s simple. Start by liking your body – I didn’t say love, just like – and if that is impossible, then put on some upbeat music for at least 60 seconds and dance around the room to get you into your body, and out of your head. It will also make you feel good and you just might start smiling and laughing which will then make it easier for the next step. Which is…

Stand in front of a mirror dressed in your favorite outfit from your closet and really see what it is that makes you feel so great in this particular look. We tend to like clothing that spotlights the parts of our bodies that we like. Next, put on an outfit that you don’t like, if you actually have one, and figure out why it doesn’t make you feel good. Most likely it’s because it doesn’t flatter you and instead of bringing your best self forward, it diminishes your attributes. If you don’t have enough clothes at home for this experiment, then go to a department store and do the above exercise in a dressing room. You want to start to play around with clothes, make friends with them. Experiment with looks that are outside your comfort zone. Embrace your strengths and emphasize them, whether it’s your bust or hips or waist or legs or shoulders. We all have at least one powerful physical asset. Find it and maximize it to the hilt with how you dress, and walk tall with your head held high knowing that you look great!

Claudia MasonComment