My Friends Who Are Models and How We Grew Up Together

My college years were spent modeling all over the globe. It was not the typical situation one is in during those few years of their life. Models don’t experience the protection that college offers a person. You are basically thrown into the business world of the ever-moving entertainment industry at 18, and you don’t have to answer to anyone. You definitely grow up fast, and you meet a lot of other girls in your position who quickly become potential friends for life. Which is similar to college friendships that last a lifetime.


I grew up with a lot of my modeling peers during this time. We had lots of fun traveling the globe together for shoots, fashion shows, events and appearances. I remember one particular occasion in Paris when I was 21, in which two fellow supermodels and I were interviewed on a French TV show. None of us are French (we were and still are, American, British and Dutch), but all three of us spoke French fluently. It was a hoot! I stumbled on my words, suddenly forgetting the excellent French grammar and vocabulary that I possessed. The Dutch model got an attack of the giggles, while the British model who spoke the worst French out of all three of us, rose to the occasion and gave the best interview of all.

There were so many fun and exciting times with my fellow models. We were there for each other in the difficult times as well. Believe it or not there was hardly any cattiness amongst us. We all leaned on each other for support and friendship and it was a great community of tall, thin, smart, kind and beautiful girls. I am forever grateful to “my girls” from this period of my life, and I am so fortunate that I am friends with most of them today.

Claudia MasonComment