Three Easy Steps to Go From Day to Night


What do you do when you don’t have time to go home and change from your work clothes into your play clothes? I like to follow some basic “rules” that make it easier for me in such cases.

1. Clothes – Before I leave the house in the morning to go to work, I am aware of what my evening plans are as I’m getting dressed for the day. I might wear a certain blouse that functions for both work and play. I might wear a multi functional blazer that not only looks professional during the working hours, but also works for an evening event. Maybe a certain pair of jeans look too “day”, so I might fold up another pair and carry them to work with me. Shoes tend to be more difficult to use multi-functionally, but there are so many styles out there now that can work in the office as well as at a party. The key is to be comfortable throughout the day, so if you must bring an extra pair of shoes to slip on after work en route to your night plans, then pop them in your bag too. And yes, an extra bag is needed at this point! We don’t want to overstuff our handbags with our wardrobe changes.

2. Jewelry – I generally don’t wear too much jewelry during the day, but if I have an event to go to directly after work, I might put on more jewelry before leaving the house that morning. Or put some pieces in an accessories pouch and stick that into my handbag to use that evening.

3. Makeup – Definitely wear the amount of makeup that makes you feel comfortable throughout the day. I’m lucky since when I’m on set all day modeling or acting, there is a makeup artist that can touch me up at the end of our job before I leave for the day. But it’s super easy to just throw some basic makeup into your makeup bag, and put that in your handbag for later use.

Keep these on-the-go changes simple, or you’ll be dragging around too much gear, and that isn’t a fun (or comfortable) way to start your evening!

Claudia MasonComment