My Favorite Evening Outfits and Accessories

Three different pieces from my wardrobe come to mind when I think of how I like to dress for a night out on the town. Whether I’m attending an industry event or going out to dinner, I like to wear short dresses and jumpsuits that show off my legs. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your gams girls! Especially now that we’re heading into spring and summer.

One of my three favorite evening outfits is a killer short silk black jumpsuit by K/G Karina Grimaldi that I found at the LA store Planet Blue. I like to accessorize with a chunky black leather gold studded belt, and a necklace or two, perhaps a pair of hoop earrings, and some rings. I haven’t been much of a jewelry girl in the past, but I am thoroughly enjoying experimenting with different styles of jewelry now. They don’t have to be expensive pieces, they just have to look good. I suggest going online or into a department store to find the styles you like and take it from there. Getting a sense of your style first will help you find the right jewelry for you.

My second favorite outfit is a black lace dress by Jane Mayle. This is just so beautiful on, and makes me feel so feminine! I always look forward to wearing it out. Since it is pretty short I love to mix it with a pair of high black suede boots, high-heeled or flat although my preference is flat. Perhaps a wrist bracelet since the neck is pretty high on this dress, and the pattern in the lace substitutes for jewelry as do the thigh high boots, so not much else is needed.

You can see black is a theme in my wardrobe! But I do like colors too, which brings me to my third favorite evening outfit, my royal blue and white patterned silk Thakoon dress (see pic below). I feel pretty fierce in this number! And it looks great with a low heel or a high heel sandal, and the low neckline looks wonderful with a long necklace or two.

Remember to match an evening bag up with your outfit – but it can be an eclectic color mix, just not too much of an eclectic style mix. If your outfit is “pow” then you will easily pick the right hand bag, whether it’s a clutch or an over the shoulder.

Enjoy dressing up!

Claudia MasonComment