Don’t Forget To Smell The Roses

I wish I had more fun when I started modeling. Granted, when you’re 14 and thrust into the business world run by adults, it can be tricky to “just have fun.” There is a lot that a young teen has to deal with all at once.

Who to trust? What to say and to whom? There are many decisions to make that a kid is just not equipped to do.

However, at the same time, modeling is part of the entertainment industry. At its essence, modeling is performing and for those of us who are naturally inclined to it, it’s actually fun. You have to let loose and enjoy yourself — it’s kind of a job requirement!

I definitely enjoyed myself in the early years of my career, but at the same time I was way too serious. I thought I had to be no-nonsense to be to be taken seriously by the major players of the industry. I learned that this is just not true.

Of course one wants to do the best one can on the job, any job, and be respected and have clients ask you back for future jobs. But part of what makes show business tick is the “show” bit part. I learned that this includes enjoying yourself on and off set and taking it all in stride. Kids usually have an easier time with this since they are not yet fully aware of the consequences of their actions.

I was too aware! There is a fine balance to enjoying life and fantastic opportunities, and also being smart about how you handle those opportunities so they keep on coming. The key is to not worry too much about what you can’t control or what you don’t yet understand around you, and be as “in the moment” as you can.

Appreciate the phenomenal opportunity that is right there in front of you for it is fleeting. Get as much joy out of lucky opportunities that life throws your way, and be thankful for them, even if they are challenging. Life is challenging full stop. The faster you can accept this fact, the easier it will be for you to accept, adjust and move forward.

Claudia MasonComment