Health and Beauty Benefits: Green Tea and Cinnamon


On freezing cold days, I love a hot cup or two of herbal tea. Green tea is particularly good for your health and best when not decaffeinated (its caffeine isn’t that strong). Try ginger, peppermint, and any of the dozens of other herbal teas as well. Many health food stores carry a variety of loose herbs. Staff would be happy to advise you of which teas to try for any ailments or anything you’d like to improve.

Green tea contains some of the best antioxidants that fight and may even prevent cell damage. You’re never too young to start protecting your cells for health and beauty! Green tea improves blood flow, lowers cholesterol, helps prevent a range of heart and brain issues, as well as protect against the damage of a high-fat diet. It helps take weight off and keep it off. If you add a little turmeric, which has strong anti-cancer properties, it helps increase its potency.

Teas are delicious with lemon and honey (raw honey is preferable). I think they’re even more delicious if you add some cinnamon which also has anti-aging properties! Add coriander, cardamom, and maybe even some nutmeg. Yum!

Claudia MasonComment