Lipstick in Winter

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It’s interesting to me that a lipstick with more orange in it is most flattering in the frosty bluish light of winter. It reminds me of that spectacular Christo installation called “The Gates” in NY’s Central Park in February 2005 when the fabric used throughout the frozen leafless park was also bright orange.

Anyway, it’s a good idea to be aware of how each season requires a different shade of lipstick to be most flattering to the wearer.  I wonder what color Christo would have selected for his “gates” if the art project had been exhibited during the summer? What do you think? When it comes to lipstick in summer, you want to shade toward pink.

Did you know that all colors are contained in white and are absent in black? Maybe that’s the secret of the beauty of the basic black dress. No competition.  As for the beauty of crisp white garments, well maybe all those shades contribute to that bright feeling.

Back to lipstick: It will not only enhance your beauty in any season, it will also keep your lips from getting chapped in winter and dried out by summer sun.

Claudia MasonComment