Healthy Eating

We do a lot of eating during the holidays, at all the events and parties and dinners. This got me thinking again about the importance of healthy eating.

And hey guys, is there anyone out there who still doesn’t know that it’s better to eat “organic” rather than conventional whenever possible? Organic produce is grown with natural pesticides and fertilizers rather than the chemical varieties, which have a negative effect on nutrient content and can take a terrible toll on our health.

Same thing goes for processed foods. These are foods usually found in boxes, cans or bags. They include donuts, potato chips, packaged macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and hamburgers. You get the picture. We’re surrounded by them! These foods go through many processing steps in their manufacture and usually contain additives, artificial flavorings and a lot of other chemical ingredients. They also contain large quantities of sugar and table salt. “Food scientists” make a nice living working in laboratories to come up with flavors and aromas you can’t resist! A good rule to follow is to stay away from foods and drinks with a long list of ingredients on the label. The fewer the ingredients, the healthier the food.

These foods contribute to the high level of obesity in America today, and also to bad skin, dull hair, fragile nails, cavities, hyperactivity and depression.

While we’re at it, the “denatured” carbohydrates like white bread and rolls also run down your health and looks over time. Stick mostly to the “complex” carbohydrates like whole grain breads.

Hope I’ve scared you into eating better. 🙂 Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t have your fun and eat the “junk food” now and then – especially at holiday time.

Claudia MasonComment