Thanksgiving is tomorrow, amazing! Considering the temperature reached 68 degrees in New York City recently, how on earth is one to dress for Turkey Day?! This all depends on where you’ll be spending the holiday. I’ll be in Connecticut with family and friends where the weather is supposed to be a high of 39 and a low of 25. (I suddenly feel like a weather girl reporting on the news!)

All this talk about the (ever-changing) climate, and you’re either thinking, “what do I wear?” or “I’m hungry, let’s talk turkey!” Let’s discuss both topics, shall we?

If you will be eating your holiday meal in someone’s home, then I say dress comfortably. Unless the invitation requires formal attire, you want to err on the side of clothes that let your belly expand. I love Thanksgiving because I eat all that my heart desires and I don’t feel like a glutton. You have this free pass once a year to really stuff that belly of yours. I say go for it. If you’re dining in a restaurant it’s definitely enjoyable to dress up for the occasion. Your clothes might not give way as much in this case, but you should still eat as much as you want.

How not to overeat you ask? Simply eat and enjoy. What’s the harm of overeating once a year anyway…? The trick is not to overindulge the next day and throughout the holiday weekend. Perhaps have a light meal on Thanksgiving morning, or some healthy snacks before the main meal. That way you won’t be ravenous by the time the turkey etc. arrives on your plate.

Happy gobble gobble!

Claudia MasonComment