My First Book!

I’m so thrilled to incorporate AUTHOR into my resume. I can’t believe I’m almost finished writing my first book. Wow!

My agent Alan Morell (Creative Management Partners) negotiated a great deal for my book “Insider’s Guide to Teen Modeling” with prestigious publisher Skyhorse Publishing, which I’m very excited about.

The writing process has been mostly a labor of love. When I started it was effortless. I was able to write page after page without any significant pause. Then, after an interruption in my writing schedule when I had to attend to other matters, it was hard to return to the blank page.

Writing is a solitary endeavor unless you have a writing partner and I don’t. It can be tough to keep at it day after day when you’ve never done it before.  Nonetheless, I find to my great relief that if I keep my focus on the intention of the book, I am soon enough out of the forest and back onto my path. And it’s stimulating to stretch myself and develop my writing skills. I would say that the editing has been the most difficult part of the process.

Modeling gave me so much (and still does). I want to give back to it and pass along the wisdom I derived from my long experience in the glamorous fashion business. The book is also full of amusing and inspiring incidents from my global career. You will find it helpful and interesting whether or not you wish to be a model.

Look out for Insider’s Guide To Teen Modeling in 2015!

Claudia MasonComment