Redefining Myself and My Apartment

Why has it taken me three years to put my apartment together? It has never taken me so long before. However, I’ve never had the same life transition in the past as I am going through now. What does it mean to redefine oneself? How does one go about this when the next move is unclear? I feel like I’m learning a new language, and I must suddenly speak in a new tongue in front of a room full of strangers before I have grasped a hold of the language.

Sounds dramatic, I know! I tend to be dramatic, but I’m not a drama queen. That’s different! I moved back to New York three years ago from Los Angeles and yet, my beautiful, cozy apartment isn’t fully furnished! Crazy, I know. Sometimes it takes time to put a place together and decorate a new home.

I wasn’t that keen on moving to the neighborhood I live in now since I previously lived here years ago. I wanted to live somewhere else, but I love the proximity I have to so many other neighborhoods. My apartment won me over upon first viewing it, and I’m thrilled to call it home.

In recent years, I haven’t been in the decorating mood, but that changed a few months ago when I found some great pieces of furniture. As the pieces arrive and they are put in place, I finally feel more at home and more in love with my apartment. The kitchen is still my favorite room since there wasn’t too much decorating needed (see photo)! I just bought a coffee table from a store my friend introduced to me called Sit Down New York. It arrives next week, and I’m so excited to see how it will pull my living room together.

My neighborhood is hectic which doesn’t suit my personality. I’m definitely a New York woman on the go, but I like peace and quiet as well. I’m sure I picked this up from years of living in LA! Luckily for me, my apartment is quiet – hooray! My living room and bedroom face a courtyard with a lovely big tree in the middle. It reminds me of a home I had in Paris years ago. Ahhh Paris!

I’m definitely in a period of re-defining myself. There are a lot of great projects I’m working on which is very exciting, but also nerve-wracking since these various projects have me wearing different hats than I’m accustomed to wearing. However, it feels good to stretch myself. Being busy with new challenges is a good thing. I just have to take a deep breath and keep decorating my apartment until it’s finished! Once it’s done, it will help me feel more relaxed when work gets overwhelming! I now realize the importance of having a comfortable and inviting home to return to at the end of the day (or to work in throughout the day).

Claudia MasonComment