Some Men Aren’t Chasers

Maybe it’s true that most men and boys like to initiate a relationship with a woman (or girl), but there are many who don’t. We females tend to forget that guys are people just like us! They come in a great variety of personality types. Some guys are bolder, some are shyer, and some simply are not chasers and will respond well to the right girl or woman doing the initiating. It can be difficult for a woman to know who’s wise to keep after and who might be turned off by that.


If you’re attracted to a guy and sense that he’s attracted to you but just doesn’t pick up the ball, you might as well take the risk and pick it up yourself. What’s there to lose? Just a little pride at worst. At best, taking that risk might facilitate a relationship that otherwise might have never gotten off the ground.

As hard as it can be to meet someone special, when you do, you might as well go for it! Anyway, it’s generally good to learn to take risks and realize you can survive a little embarrassment now and again. It’s in “good cause” if you think the risk is really worth a shot.

That’s a matter of judgment. Taking risks over time sharpens your judgment. Let me know your thoughts on this matter.

Claudia MasonComment