Part Two: New Year, New Goals


Dear readers, I’ve shared a series of new goals for the new year. Here’s goal number two.

2.) Practice yoga on a weekly basis.

Yes, lovely yoga. I feel physically, mentally, and spiritually renewed after a yoga class. My intention is to practice yoga at least three times a week in 2014. Sounds easy enough, but I have fallen short of this goal in 2013. Once I master goal number one, then this goal should be easier to attain in the morning.

I happen to enjoy yoga at the end of the day as well. It is great anytime of the day. I have scoliosis which often gives me lower back pain. Yoga is the perfect antidote for the pain, often leaving my lumbar and thoracic spine (where my scoliosis is) wonderfully supple. I feel that much taller as well which isn’t a goal! I’m 5-foot-11.5, plenty of height for me thank you! I also find that my face never looks as youthful, relaxed, and happy as when I’ve just left a yoga class. Yoga is truly a miracle!

Are you working on any goals this year? I hope you’re having a great start this week!

Claudia MasonComment