Part Five: New Year, New Goals

Dear readers, here is my final goal (out of five) for the new year! Thanks for reading along. 

5.) Eat less sugar.

Yes, it’s possible. I want to cut down my sugar intake. I wish I could cut sugar out of my diet altogether, but that’s not realistic. I’m not worried about the occasional cookie or chocolate bar, but I want to keep it sporadic. Of course sugar is bad for your teeth, but it also wreaks havoc with your skin and internal organs. More sugar puts my nerves on edge, and I get wiped out from the jangly-feeling it gives me.

A book about sugar came out recently, titled “Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Is Making Us Fat” by David Gillespie. Whenever I’ve cut high-fructose foods from my diet in the past, I’ve found that within weeks I digest food better and sleep better.

I also enjoy eating foods like veggies and crackers (whole grain, please!) that previously lacked taste for me. Generally, I avoid prepared foods with hidden sugar and don’t go anywhere near sodas.  My weakness is for desserts, so I want to stick with the SO brand – sugar free and dairy free frozen coconut milk that also comes in ice cream-type form in several flavors (I prefer chocolate).

If I do need to sweeten my tea, I want to use healthy substances like stevia or raw honey and not too much of it either.    

Claudia MasonComment