How to Stop Going for the Wrong Man

Girls, we know that too many of us get into a long pattern of “going for the wrong man.” Do you think a woman stuck in such a pattern can make the emotional shift out of it? If so, what do you think it takes?

This is what my experience has taught me:

While the insights and clarity you can gain from psychotherapy can help you move in the right direction, that alone will not bring about the emotional shift required. The same thing goes, in my experience, for spiritual practices, and I love my spiritual practices. They ground me, expand my consciousness, help me keep focused on the present, connect me to my higher Self, divine source, God (however you wish to name it), and at least conceptually to all of life. They are balm for my soul.

Sorry to say, none of it has affected the shift in my emotional, erotic GPS in the direction of the kind of man I long to be attracted to. But you know what has, as it turns out?  Pain.  And a lot of it.  And sweetheart I mean suffering.  Get enough of that and one fine day you’ll find that the shift has begun for you too.

In my opinion, only a series of emotional experiences can help affect who you’re attracted to. The impact from these experiences may be as powerful as the earlier circumstances that created the wrong man syndrome in the first place.

What are your thoughts on this perennial subject? Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

Claudia MasonComment