Part Three: New Year, New Goals

Dear readers, I’ve shared a series of new goals for the new year. Here’s goal number three.

3.) Do something fun or new at least once a month.

Last month I went ice-skating at Wollman Rink in Central Park with a friend. I haven’t skated there in ages. We had a blast! We were like two six-feet-tall six-year-olds zooming around the rink in hysterics. Hooting and hollering with the loudest (actual) six-year-olds on the ice, it was such fun and such a release!

I believe the popularity of sports is largely due to the fact that people need to release the tension of their daily lives. If you’re not doing the physical activity, then you’re more likely to be a spectator who screams and shouts from the stands. Either way, people need that release. That’s exactly what my friend and I were doing on the ice and it felt great.

Each month I’d like to do something fun and/or new with a friend or out on a date. Why not? I’d like to take a trapeze class, learn a third language, broaden my cooking skills and learn to sing.

That’s one fun activity once a month at 12 times a year – totally doable! What might you do this year that you’ve always wanted to try? What’s holding you back?

Claudia MasonComment