Part One: New Year, New Goals

Dear readers, I’ll be sharing five new goals for the new year. Here’s goal number one. 

1.) Wake up earlier in the new year!

I must get up earlier on weekdays. I’ve had enough of sleeping past 8 a.m. Monday-Friday. I have no problem getting up at the crack of dawn when I have to be on set. However, if I’m working from home which I did a lot of in the last few months writing my first book, I tend to have the hardest time getting up early.

Getting to sleep before midnight helps as well as not being online right before bedtime. Of course steering clear of caffeine is also helpful for a restful night’s sleep and early rising time. I find that a morning meditation practice helps with kick-starting the day.

Also, if I can manage to shut out all exterior light from creeping into my bedroom, then I’ll sleep more restful and am able to wake up earlier. Jumping right into the shower after meditating, is just the eye opener I need to start my work day. Now, I have to be consistent with all the above suggestions that I know so well but haven’t seemed to practice on a daily basis. New year here I come – wish me luck!

What are your goals for 2014? I hope you have a wonderful new year!

Claudia MasonComment