Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, I’m Claudia Mason and I’d like to tell you a little something about me that perhaps you can relate to. I love to write, but up until now I haven’t been motivated to write blogs. That is until recently when I triumphantly came through a rather exacerbating and emotionally draining process, and I felt that I finally had something to blog about.

You know how that it is? When you love to do something but you’ve somehow lost your motivation and you are struggling to find what drew you to what you love in the first place? Then all of the sudden you are sparked to express yourself because of a recent life event that affected you somehow, and you joyfully jump right into it. You feel happy to have finally come across an issue you can share with others, and perhaps you can even be of service in helping people through relating your experiences with them.

It relates to women’s issues and science, and the subject matter very much stirs me. I bet you’re wondering what that topic is…Well read on dear reader, I will post it soon enough.

But first!

I was born and raised in New York City, and I must say I am rather proud of this fact. I wear it like a badge of honor, and I happily chat with people about how rare it is to come across someone born in Manhattan whenever I am asked about my hometown. And believe me, I am CONSTANTLY asked about my hometown. After all, NYC is the most exciting city on the planet right now! I may be biased, but ‘tis true. Most folks find it shocking to hear that anyone can be raised in such a concrete jungle, and I patiently nod my head and re-assure them that not only did I grow up in such a crazy, thrilling 24-hour town, but that I am a sane and capable person to boot.

I adored growing up in Manhattan, primarily for the access to the performing arts that the city provides. I was an avid ballet student before I became one of the world’s top models. My knowledge of dance and movement greatly aided my supermodel career. I am also an actor of stage and screen, both film and TV. And to date I’ve enjoyed wearing the producer’s hat on a few projects, both film and theatre. I am also in the process of writing my first book, which I will be releasing in 2014. I’m thrilled to share it with you soon enough.

I will be expressing my thoughts with you in upcoming blogs on a variety of topics, such as: makeup tips, beauty and health, fashion, the arts, family and more. Stay tuned!

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